All Search- and Rescue Dog Organisations worldwide are invited to present their work to the public during the ‘International Day of Search and Rescue Dogs’. Events can be announced  to

Location Organisation Name of Event Info
DE, 96142 Hollfeld Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mantrailing Humen Detection Dogs – live at work

Person detection dogs (so-called “Mantrailers”) and corpse detection dogs can be observed live at work on this day. The viewers are involved in the event: as a hiding or accompanying person. The dog handlers explain how to do a successful search for missing people. It is pointed out where are the opportunities and limitations of a search operation.

For security reasons, the entry into the search area takes place in a column. Meeting point is at 10.00 clock at the parking lot of Fa. Edeka Müller, Hofäckerstraße 1a, D-96142 Hollfeld.

The event is scheduled from 10:00 to 16:00.