Rescue Dogs – ready for mission 365 days a year for you

It starts with the desire to help people in need. More than 2000 times a year IRO dogs go on missions to save lives all over the world. They spot people burried under avalanches or help find an old lady who got lost in the woods. Other dogs go on international missions after big natural disasters, such as an earthquake or a flood.

Learn how a cute little puppy evolves to a potential life saver on Sunday, 29th April 2018 the International Day of Search and Rescue Dogs. Watch the dogs and their handlers while demonstrating their awesome abilities at exhibitions, informational events and trial trainings taking place all across the globe. Get in touch with the rescuers on paws, the rescue dog handlers are happy to answer all questions.

Check out our website to find an event close to you. International Day of Search and Rescue Dogs has been organized by IRO since 2008. Any Rescue Dog Organisations – not matter if they are IRO member or not-is welcome to participate and may post and publish their event for the day on our website.

Journalists, who want to report about our brave heroes, please visit our ‘Press Corner’ and contact us.